The Boston Criminal Lawyer Blog has long been arguing that prostitution should be made legal. I have given lists of reasons. Now, we have another one. It is a benefit which real criminals (alleged) enjoy thanks to the clouds of subterfuge under which those involved in the sex industry must hide.

WBZ radio (1030 AM) has broken the story about a site called “”. It is a site, supported by the out-of-country-based site of “”.

The controller of the “Badboy” site is a woman, I am informed from the New England area, who calls her self “Gia ‘Goodgirl’ Goode”. While her site claims to be operating for the benefit of escorts who are mistreated, it would appear that its true purpose is to aid in the harassment and extortion of other private individuals. Just to be clear, the “mistreatment” about which Ms. Goode complains ranges from not showing up for appointments and the writing online certain clients have posted about their experiences with the escorts.

Far from helping those in the sex industry, the site is now exposing sex workers to the light of repercussion. Further, it would appear that the site itself posts information that is simply untrue. Many of those listed as “bad clients” claim that they have never even used an escort service. However, by posting the individual’s name and address, the information that he is a “bad client” becomes searchable on Google and other search engines which appear to be willing to cooperate with the site.

“It was scary, it was an invasion of privacy. I was shocked it was there,” said one man who is listed on the site. whose name is on the list but didn’t want to reveal his identity. He worries about his reputation, saying he’s never contacted an escort, and assumes someone found his name on a business website. “If people go on that site and see my name there what will they think. They’ll assume the worst,” he said.

The victims of the site are mostly businessmen who appear to fit a profile of success. The man who spoke to WBZ-TV says he won’t spend the money to sue, and hopes his reputation prevails. “Denying it isn’t as powerful as the accusation. If you accuse somebody of something it sticks” he said.

The scam seems to extend to other white collar crimes as well. For example, some of the victims report being contacted by someone claiming himself to be an attorney who will mysteriously convince Ms. Goode to remove the offending material…for a price. In other cases, other individuals contact the victim for the same purpose.

This, of course, gives the cyber-crimes of harassment, stalking and extortion a stench that is even more pungent.

There have been a few civil lawsuits that have met with limited success in these types of matters.

What is noteworthy is that none of our prosecutorial agencies seem to be interested.

Because the crimes are performed over the internet and over state lines, the federal justice agencies such as the F.B.I. have jurisdiction as well as the state courts in jurisdictions involved.

However, these agencies seem more interested in keeping the status quo and not going after these particular folks who claim to be involved in the sex industry.

It is much easier, more fun and, most importantly, attracts more media approval to simply go after the sex workers from or other locations.

The fact that the crimes committed by Ms. Goode and her cohorts have actual victims seems to be irrelevant.

Attorney Sam’s Take On Cyber-Crimes, Prostitution And The Status Quo

Do not believe for one minute that the alleged denizens of Justice cannot take any action against such online predators. Clearly, it is easy enough to go after sex workers who advertise in various genres, both online and elsewhere. I have seen rather impressive investigative work as performed by various state and federal agencies against under more intricate circumstances.

“Sam, maybe it is because they figure that these clients brought it upon themselves by engaging the sex trade”.

Well, if so, the government is even more inconsistent than I thought it was.

“How so?”

Prosecutors prosecute crimes generally regardless who the victims are. It is not unusual at all to see a case where someone with a worse criminal record than a given defendant is a complainant in a case. The fact is that anyone can be a crime victim. Even a “criminal”.

Further, it would appear that some of these men never engaged escorts. Now, I suppose that prosecutors could take Ms. Goode’s word over theirs…but that would seem kind of odd, don’t you think?

In fact, it is our stance on the sex industry that allows for and encourages these criminal enterprises. It presents the stage that, no matter where or when, those engaged in the sex trade (either as escort or client) must hide under the shadow of criminal penalty. So long as this is the case, it becomes to engage in all sorts of disgusting actions such as those described above, human sex slavery and abuse of both worker and client. Not until we grow up and treat this industry like any other industry, including the porn industry, that we will be able to thwart the seedlings of such abuses.

In the meantime, it might be kind of nice if the government would take such cyber-crimes more seriously.

Given our criminal justice history, we are more likely to wait until one of Ms. Goode’s victims actually commits suicide over the embarrassment and damage caused by her site.

…And that’s coming from a criminal defense attorney yet!

Have a great, safe and law-abiding weekend!

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