It is a Boston violent story that is continuing to unfold. The ongoing criminal investigation apparently continues although law enforcement is already pointing fingers.

Wednesday, three men were wounded in shootings and stabbings in Brookline’s Coolidge Corner. Brookline police say that the violence was related to a home invasion.

Brookline Police Chief Daniel C. O’Leary explained that the incident began around 11:50 a.m. Wednesday when officers responded to a report a disturbance on St. Paul Street. When officers arrived, they say they found signs of a struggle in the stairs and hallway leading up to an apartment. One man, who was found with several gunshot wounds to the leg as well as a stab wound, was found and taken out of the apartment.

Meanwhile, law enforcement received reports of two men found injured–one shot and stabbed, one stabbed multiple times–lying on the ground on Harvard Street. Witnesses had reported that the men either fell or were dumped out of a white car that had come from St. Paul Street, stopped, and then sped away.
O’Leary said there may have been an additional suspect who got out of the car and fled on foot from the Harvard Street scene.

One Witness told WBZ-TV that she saw the car dump two bodies on Harvard Street. She says other people outside started tending to them. These witnesses indicated that they did not hear gunshots. One witness told WBZ’s Carl Stevens that she had seen the car driving erratically and making a lot of noise on Harvard Street. She said she saw someone dump the bodies out of the car, and that they appeared to be stabbed and bleeding profusely, but conscious.

Chief O’Leary continued to say that that all three injured men were in stable condition in area hospitals, and that all three men were known to police. He said the St. Paul Street apartment was being sealed off as officers prepared to execute a search warrant there. Further, Brookline Police reported that the Amos A. Lawrence, Pierce Elementary, and St. Mary’s Schools were placed on lockdown.

They said police had been assigned to each of the schools and that students’ release times would not be affected.

O’Leary said the investigation was ongoing.

On Wednesday night, Police say that they found a white Ford Focus, which they believe is the car driven from the Harvard Street scene by the suspect or suspects. The car was unoccupied.

Today, however, there was an update. According to, Brookline Police proudly reported that they had arrested Antonio Brown Jr., 27, of Cambridge, and Khari A. Wilcox, 18, of Dorchester, (Collectively, the “Defendants”) in connection with case.

These would be the gentlemen who were left injured and bleeding from gunshot and stab wounds on Harvard Street as two other suspects fled the scene.

“We hope to arraign them [in the hospital] through the Brookline court this afternoon,” O’Leary told reporters during a press conference at Brookline police headquarters. The Defendants, still suffering from stab and gunshot wounds in the hospital, have already been determined to be the wrong-doers in this rather swift investigation. The Defendants stand (that is, when they are able to stand) charged with armed home invasion, armed assault in a dwelling, armed assault with intent to rob and murder, and unlawful possession of a firearm, according to Police Chief Daniel O’Leary.

Chief O’Leary also announced that, “We know what we believe to be the motive, but we don’t want to release it right now”.

Nevertheless, the Chief felt compelled to opine that two of his theories are robbery or a drug deal gone wrong. He added that the man who lived at the apartment on St. Paul Street had been targeted, and there was a confrontation in the apartment.

So much for not releasing motives or waiting until one solid theory was chosen to make arrests of the Defendants…who were clearly not going anywhere for the time being.

But I digress.

Police Chief O’Leary further said that police are still searching for the two men who got away, at least one of whom are believed to be armed…but apparently less important to nab than the two wounded men in the hospital beds.

In another interesting couple of sentences, the Chief told the press that ,“We’re working on learning their identities”, referring to the above two men. However, he later said that these men are “known” by multiple police agencies.

Maybe just not his…?

Attorney Sam’s Take On Rushed And Inconsistent Theories And Their Threat To You

Well, rather than having to choose between posting a novel-length blog or rushing through my own “take” on things…let’s continue this in tomorrow’s blog.

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