Armed Robbery in Harvard Yard

An armed robbery occurred early Thursday in the famous Harvard Yard. A man who was unaffiliated with Harvard University was robbed at gunpoint outside of a freshman dorm around 2:45 a.m. He gave his wallet to the robber and fled from the area. The robber was described as a thin, 5-foot-9 Hispanic male in his 20s.

In Massachusetts, armed robbery is governed by Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 265 Section 17. The law makes armed robbery punishable by up to life in prison. If the robber was masked or wearing a disguise at the time of the robbery, there is a 5-year mandatory minimum sentence.

Usually in robbery cases, the critical issue will be the identity of the alleged robber. It is important to contact a lawyer if you suspect that you are being investigated in connection with a robbery.

The Boston Globe: Armed robbery reported in Harvard Yard

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