Amy Bishop’s Parents Maintain that Fatal 1986 Massachusetts Shooting of Her Brother was an Accident

Amy Bishop’s parents say that they will cooperate in the judicial inquest into the 1986 Braintree, Massachusetts fatal shooting of their son. However, they are adamant that Bishop shot him accidentally.

Bishop, a 45-year-old University of Alabama Biology professor, is now charged with the fatal shooting deaths of three university staff members on February 12. Following this month’s incident, Norfolk District Attorney William R. Keating initiated the inquest.

In 1986, Bishop, then 21, fatally shot her brother Seth, 18, with a 12-guage shotgun. Afterwards, she was accused of pointing a shotgun at two people at a car dealership where she demanded a car. Bishop was not charged with any crimes even though Keating says that Bishop could have been charged with carrying a dangerous weapon, assault with a dangerous weapon, and unlawful possession of ammunition.

US Representative William Delahunt, who was Norfolk district attorney at the time, says that the case was handled appropriately based on the information that was available. Now, investigators claim they have evidence that suggests Bishop may have shot her brother on purpose.

Bishop’s parents had initially refused to talk to Keating’s investigators. Her mom Judy was the only witness to the 1986 shooting. Dad Samuel was a material witness.

Bishop’s Massachusetts criminal defense lawyer says he is planning an insanity defense. He says that his client has serious mental problems and doesn’t even remember the fatal Alabama campus shooting.

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