Allston Man Pleads Not Guilty to Aggravated Rape and Assault & Battery of 66-Year Old Woman

In Suffolk County, an Allston man has been arrested for beating and raping a 66-year-old woman. Jose Sariano Gonzales pleaded not guilty to the charges of rape, resisting arrest, and the assault and battery of a victim over 65. The 20-year-old is also accused of punching the woman in the neck and face and obtaining stolen property. A stolen credit card was found on his person when police apprehended him.

The alleged rape incident occurred on August 27. The victim says that she had gotten up early that day to look for cans that she could turn in for cash when she says that a man approached her, directed her to a place where she could obtain more cans, and then proceeded to beat and rape her.

Yesterday, the woman identified Gonzales to police when they spotted him close to the site where she was assaulted. Police say that he tried to get away when they ran to pursue him but they managed to apprehend him.

Gonzales, who is an El Salvadorean, has been ordered to turn his passport over to law enforcement officials. US Immigration and Customs Enforcement wants Gonzales to stay in custody so they can figure out if he should be deported. This means that even if Gonzales posts the $250,000 bail, federal officials would still keep him in custody.

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Allston man charged with sexually assaulting 66-year-old woman, The Milford Daily News, September 4, 2009
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