Accused by His Ex- of Domestic Violence and Child Endangerment, Mel Gibson Claims He is the Victim of Extortion

It wasn’t too long ago that movie star and director Mel Gibson was a box office king who was well-respected for his directing and beloved by fans. Now, however, his reputation has taken another beating following the release of several audio recordings of a man that sounds like Gibson allegedly yelling out expletives and abusive statements, making unreasonable demands, and threatening to harm his now ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, who is the mother of his youngest child. has made the audio recordings available to the public.

Los Angeles authorities are investigating allegations made by Grigorieva, who is accusing the actor of having struck her on the face on more than one occasion. She claims that the alleged assaults caused her to break a tooth, lose a veneer, and suffer a concussion. If charged and convicted for domestic violence-related assault, Gibson is facing time behind bars.

Already, there has been fallout from the recordings for the celebrity. His agent, William Morris-Endeavor, has dropped him, which may not bode well for his film career, and his reputation, which already took a pretty hard beating when he was arrested for DUI and made sexist and anti-Semitic remarks in 2006, has been significantly damaged.

Gibson has not publicly commented on the audio recordings. The media, however, is reporting that is is accusing Grigorieva of threatening to leak the recordings to the media unless he gave her money. He has met with the authorities about his claims. Grigorieva denies there is any extortion plot.

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Domestic violence allegations can destroy one’s career, ruin one’s personal life, and cause all kinds of havoc. It is important that you are represented by a Boston crime attorney that knows how to combat the charges against you.

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