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Nine Teenagers Indicted in Connection with Massachusetts 15-Year-Old’s Bullying Suicide

In Massachusetts, nine teenagers have been charged in connection with the death of Phoebe Prince. The 15-year-old was found hanging in her bedroom last January.

The teenagers are accused of stalking, harassment, and bullying Prince at South Hadley High School and on Facebook. Among those charged:

• 17-year-old Sean Mulveyhill from South Hadley is charged with criminal harassment, statutory rape, violation of civil rights, and disturbance of a school assembly.

• 17-year-old South Hadley teen Kayla Narey is charged with criminal harassment, civil rights violations, and disturbance of a school assembly.

• 18-year-old Austin Renaud from Springfield is charged with statutory rape.

• 16-year-old South Hadley resident teen Flannery Mullins is charged with stalking as a youthful offender and civil rights violations as a youthful offender.

• 16-year-old Ashley Longe, of South Handley, is charged with violation of civil rights as a youthful offender.

• 16-year-old Sharon Chanon Velazquez, of South Hadley, is charged with stalking as a youthful offender and civil rights violations as a youthful offender.

Three female juveniles, all South Hadley residents, have been charged with juvenile crimes, which include criminal harassment, civil rights violations, disturbance of a school assembly, and assault by means of a dangerous weapon.

Prince had moved to South Hadley from Ireland. According to Northwestern District Attorney Elizabeth Scheibel, one of the alleged bullying incidents occurred in front of a school staffer and other students, but no one reported what happened.

Bullying as a Crime
Many teenagers and younger children don’t realize when they’ve crossed the line that turns “merely picking on another kid” into a Massachusetts crime.

If your son or daughter has been charged with committing any crime, you should contact a Boston criminal defense lawyer to discuss your case.

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