16-Year-Old Massachusetts Murder Victim’s 13-Year-Old Half Brother is One of the Suspects Charged with His Slaying

In Massachusetts, two Cape Cod teenagers and an adult were arrested for the murder of 16-year-old Jordan Mendes. Kevin Ribiero and Mykel Mendes, who are both 13, were charged with armed robbery and murder in juvenile court. Robert Vacher, 20, was charged with armed robbery and first-degree murder as an adult.

Jordan’s burnt body was found in a pit in the Hyannis woods. The suspects reportedly stole $10,000 from him. Jordan was a drug dealer.

Mykel and Kevin were arraigned on Friday and remanded to a juvenile detention center. Robert, who pleaded not guilty to the charges against him, is being held without bail.

Mykel and Jordan’s father is Manuel Mendes, who is serving a 35-year prison sentence for trafficking cocaine at the Plymouth County House of Correction while he was serving a sentence for another drug conviction. Mykel’s Massachusetts criminal defense lawyer says his client was not involved in his half-brother’s murder and is grieving over his death.

Prosecutors claim that Robert ambushed Jordan in Mykel’s bedroom, stabbing him 27 times and shooting him. The two 13-year-old’s are accused of being there at the time of the assault and providing Robert with the murder weapons. They then allegedly took Jordan’s body and dumped it into a hole before returning the next day to set it on fire. They then allegedly used the money they stole from Jordan to buy a used BMW.

The two teenagers will have to be tried in juvenile court. If the 13-year-olds are convicted of the juvenile crimes, they would have to be placed in the custody of the Department of Youth Services until their 18th birthdays. After that, the DYS would have to get the court’s permission to keep the boys in custody until their 21st birthdays. Robert could face a life prison sentence without parole if he is convicted of 1st degree murder.

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