13-Year-Old Newton Boy Faces Massachusetts Juvenile Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon Charges Over BB Gun Shooting at Middle School

In Waltham District Court, Police have filed a complaint against a 13-year-old who is accused of shooting four students with a BB gun. The shooting incident happened in Newton, Massachusetts on Friday afternoon at the F.A. Day Middle School. The teenager faces four juvenile counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

According to Newton police, the suspect started shooting the BB gun at a group of students who were waiting for a bus by the Gath Pool. The shooter’s shirt was covering the gun. The four teenagers who claim they were hit had visible welts. However, none of the boys opted to receive medical attention for their injuries.

Police went to the suspect’s home. They confiscated a KWC BB gun and a bag that was holding several hundred plastic BB’s. Meantime, the principal of his school, Gina Healy says that the 13-year-old will be seriously punished for his actions.

In Massachusetts, it is against the law for a minor to possess a BB gun in a public area unless he or she has a special license or is with an adult.

Contrary to common belief, a person does not have to be accused of using a gun or a knife to be charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon in Massachusetts. Almost any item that can be used as a weapon will do. This is a serious criminal offense in Massachusetts that can result in serious punishments-whether you are charged in adult court or as a juvenile. A conviction for a felony crime could prevent a boy or girl from getting an education, living a normal life, and later deprive him or her of certain professional and personal opportunities.

Each Massachusetts juvenile crimes case is unique and the motivations for and the circumstances surrounding what happened is never black and white. An experienced Boston criminal defense lawyer can fight for the best outcome possible for your child’s Massachusetts juvenile crimes case.

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